Acque nere

Tryptich, c-prints, 60 x 85 cm each, 2013

Acque Nere (all)

The Italian town Castellammare di Stabia, a few kilometres south from Naples, was an important thermal resort in the 19th century. Today it is a rather desolate place, except for some imposing, well restored buildings in the city centre. Due to industrial wastewater that has been discharged into the gulf of Naples near Castellammare through the river Sarno  for decades, the coastal waters have long since been polluted. This has greatly contributed to the decline of the town. The photographs go with an excerpt from a travelogue of the German writer Fanny Lewald (Italienisches Bilderbuch, published 1847) and from a newspaper article on the river Sarno.



Acque Nere (1)





Acque Nere (2), c-print, 60 x 85 cm





Acque Nere (3), c-print, 60 x 85 cm