Split Landscape, C-Print, digital photo, 2017


“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery” (Francis Bacon)

In my work, I focus on the existential relationship between man and nature and the interaction between vision and imagination.

What interests me most is the aspect of time in relation to human existence and the indifference of nature to the latter. The landscape as an appearance and metaphor of nature, even in its seemingly tamed form of our Western world, is in my eyes like a counterpart or a kind of mirror: a part of us, and yet we are alienated from it.

It takes a lot of courage for a contemporary artist to focus on nature painting. Though it has been and still is constantly present throughout the history of painting, it rarely matches the criterias of contemporary art. But some artists manage to give it the necessary twist that allow the spectator to abstract from the obvious beauty nature offers us, and to get into a deeper contemplation. Alexandra Wolframm’s (1971, Berlin) work captures the subtle edge between vision and imagination, as well as the impossible balance between the human conception of time and nature’s serenity.” (Curator and Art Critic Stefan Pollak)